Principal Message :

I would like to warmly welcome you to the website of Government College Birohar (Jhajjar). Being established (2007) in rural vicinity- in the lap of nature, it caters very professionally and warmly for the educational need of the students of this area. We are involved in many sporting and cultural activities that enable our ­­­­­­students develop their personality, temperament and character in different ways –socially spiritually, academically, physically and morally. We want to foster curiosity and offer opportunities for our students to think critically and innovatively to solve problems.

The continued partnership with the college, parents and community will ensure our students are afforded every opportunity so that they reach their potential and become successful and responsible citizens.
I hope you enjoy reaching this website and it encourages you to explore you further opportunities at Government College Birohar(Jhajjar)


Govt. College Birohar